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About the charity foundation

Charitable Foundation "Prosperity" was established in 2017.

The purpose of the foundation is to take part in the development and support of the region, in creating decent living conditions for the population of the Chuguevsky district of the Kharkiv region, guided by the principles of transparency, openness and relevant financial reporting.There is an erroneous opinion that if you help, then only with money. Of course, finances can solve many problems, but not always the funds themselves are sufficient. An important resource in charity is people who seek to selflessly help others, devote their time to those who need it.

From 2018, the Foundation is open to receive donations from outside, which will strengthen and expand the scope of charitable activities in the region.We invite you to join the good work and become our partner!"

Since March 2022, in connection with the invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the occupiers, the activities of the foundation have been refocused on providing assistance to the employees of LLC “TPBS Production” and their families who found themselves in difficult living conditions. Namely:
1. Legal advice online.
2. Psychological support by specialists.
3. Online consultations of doctors (therapist, pediatrician).
4. Financial support aimed at renting a house, as well as at the purchase of goods necessary for life.
5. Financial assistance for treatment in case of injury.
6. Financial assistance for the restoration of housing, affected by hostilities.
7. Other services (considered additionally).
From March to June, assistance in the amount of UAH 900.6 thousand was provided.
In July 2022, the Charitable Foundation approved a 6-month program of assistance to the families of employees of LLC ”TPBS Production”, as well as to the residents of Malynivka united territorial community for a total amount of more than UAH 3.7 million


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